Quirky Finds – Alternative Entertainment – Axe Throwing

I love bringing you quirky finds that I discover whilst researching wedding ideas for couples and this is a great one for any one looking for something a little bit different for their entertainment – axe throwing – kind of like darts but with axes!

Axe Throwing
Customised axe throwing stand.

South West Adventures is a fully mobile events company bringing a host of activities to weddings all over the UK. They are a family run business that specialise in running axe throwing, archery, air rifle shooting and birds of Prey experiences.

“Our axe throwing stand has been increasing in popularity so much so that we decided to build and fabricate a one of a kind Axe trailer. We sourced real oak beams to give a natural look. Vintage bulb lights to give that festival party theme. We use real log targets that make the best sound when being hit with an Axe and look great for photos.

Axe throwing is kind of like darts but with axes! It is surprisingly easy to pick up, with less power and more timing. All of our private hire includes your very own “Axe Coach” to help you and your guests land axes and split timber!”

Sounds fun right!

The bride and groom receive a “Bad Axe Bride” and “Bad Axe Groom” T-shirt and they also run a fun high score competition with a prize for the Axe Champ of each event.

The stand itself can also be customised, with wedding decor such as flower garlands, vintage bulb lights and Mrs & Mr signs. The real log targets can also be personalised such as the bride and groom’s wedding colours or something more crazy like Vikings or Game of Thrones.

South West Adventures even offer a stand that can be set up inside if the weather or venue isn’t suitable for the trailer stand!

You can find them on facebook (@southwestadventures18) and instagram (#southwestadventures18).

Planning, or had, your own big day with some unusual wedding entertainment? I’d love to hear about it.

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