Vision Boards Part 1 – Why are they useful and where to start!

The purpose of a vision board is to:

  • Develop your initial ideas
  • Ensure your ideas create a cohesive theme
  • Keep you, and your suppliers, on track
Original Table Decor Idea

When planning this Emerald Green Christmas Wedding we originally selected the table decor in the vision board above. We loved the black candelabras and the opulent look. But when the images were all put together on the vision board the overall theme had lost it’s festive feel. We swapped it for the table decor in the image below. When set up indoors, and with a sprinkle of snowflake shaped table confetti, it will enhance that subtle hint of Christmas. Creating the board allowed us to realise that although we loved the idea it wasn’t quite right for this wedding.

Vision Board for an Emerald Green Winter Wedding

Where Do I Start?

Once you decided on your basic theme using your Focus. Inspiration. Do planner (get you copy here) start by finding one key image that summarises your theme. This doesn’t have to be an item that will actually be a part of your wedding but it captures the feeling you are trying to create.

It might be a big, straw sun umbrella from a tropical beach. A battered old suitcase. A piece of fabric. Your Grandma’s wedding dress.

Anything at all. It can be the actual object or a picture from a magazine or the Internet.

My own wedding was on 27th December. I love Christmas but didn’t want a traditional winter wedding. I wanted winter wonderland and when picking dresses, make up and hair my inspiration was an ice queen look. This image was my inspiration. I looked nothing like this on my big day but it captures the icy make up and the silver and teal theme I wanted.

The images below are from brides-to-be in the Crafty Bear Weddings Facebook Group. The first captures the simple elegance that the couple want to create. The second is from a bride-to-be who is planning a rustic wedding but wants to capture her and fiancé’s love of music. Both give a clear steer as the look and feel they want to create. In part 2 we’ll look at how to expand on this.

Simplicity, lights

Once you’ve got your key image start gathering lots of ideas. I love Pinterest for this – but be warned its addictive and very easy to loose hours on and to go off on tangents. Pinterest is basically an online pin board. You can create boards for each aspect of your big day. You can keep these private so that only you can see them, public so that anyone can see them and even set them up with collaborators so that other people can add to them. I use collaborative boards when working with couples.

Ideas can also be generated from magazines, shops and weddings you’ve attended. More on what to do with these in part 2.

How Do I Create a Vision Board?

There are lots of ways to create your vision board. Remember as with all things wedding it should be fun so pick a method that you’ll enjoy.

  • Your Pinterest board can be your vision board and you can give suppliers a link to this.
  • Use an online a photo collage platform. I use Canva for mine.
  • Use an actual pin board to stick things to. These are great to add things to and to swap and change as you work on your big day and your ideas develop. You can also pin on fabric samples, flowers etc. You can take a photo of your board to share with suppliers etc.
  • Use a big sheet of cardboard and stick items onto your board.
  • Use an object. I love this rustic suitcase – I feel like I know exactly what to expect from this wedding.
Using an object as a vision board

Example boards

I’ve pinned loads of example boards over at

I’m here to help so please comment below with any questions. And if your in the Crafty Bear Weddings group don’t forget to share your board on the post in the announcements so that I can tailor tutorials to suit your themes.

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