Vision Boards Part 2 – Building Up Your Vision Board

In part 1 we looked at why vision boards are useful and got started by picking 1 key image that captured the theme or vision for your big day.

In part 2 we’re going to look at how to build up the detail on your vision board.

Don’t forget to refer to your Focus worksheet from you Inspiration. Focus. Do workbook. If you don’t have a copy of the workbook you can get one by clicking here.

How Much Detail?

Remember the aim of a vision board is to keep everything you, or anyone else, create focussed and unified. Often a simple collection of 2 or 3 images will do this.

‘Simplicity and lights’

Think back to this key image from one of our brides-to-be in Part 1. She was drawn by the simplicity of the scheme and the lights. This is not her actual centre piece but already this gives a clear sense of what her wedding will be like.

Add to this a picture of the chair covers and a sample of the ribbon for her bouquets and you’ve got a simple, easy to create vision board that does it’s job well. As a customer you could show this to most suppliers and they would have a good idea of what you were looking for.

Simple vision board with 3 images and some key words.

Beyond this you can add as much detail, and be as creative as you like, with your vision boards.

Staying with our simplicity and lights board:

  • are the natural hessian, gold and whites being complemented by anything?
  • Are you including a touch of greenery as in the key image?
  • What colour are your bridesmaids dresses?
  • Are there any key items that you need or want to include?

A more detailed vision board with fabric samples and flowers.

Another key image shared by a bride-to-be in part 1 was this one that combines a natural, rustic theme with the couple’s love of music.

Pretty pastel music inspired centrepiece from Want That Wedding

Vision boards can be even more important when themes are combined.

If you speak to any florist, cake maker, photographer etc and tell them that you are having a natural, rustic theme they’ll be thinking of hessian, lace, pastel flowers etc. Its fairly safe that you’ll get something that goes with your theme.

However if you mention vinyl and music this could conjure up very different images for different people. For some they might be thinking of a more modern theme such as in the image below.

Music theme wedding from Rocknrollbride

And when combining the two you need to be clear what the focus is – is it a natural, rustic wedding with a hint of music or does the vinyl take centre stage?

This is equally important for the you and your husband / wife-to-be as it is for suppliers. It’s so easy to start off planning a mainly rustic theme and stumble across lots of music based items and gradually the focus shifts. Before you make any purchase come back to your vision board and check – the item may be great but does it go?

Check as you go

Add to your board as you start buying and making things for your wedding. Add samples of your flowers, any fabrics, your invites etc so that you always have a full picture of how things are coming together.

When you look at your board does it make you smile? Great – you’re on track.

Or does it not feel quite right?

Too simple?

Too purple (is that even possible? )?

Not quirky enough?

It’s much easier to spot this on your board and make changes than it is the day before the wedding when your setting up your venue!

Example boards

I’ve pinned loads of example boards over at

I’m here to help so please comment below with any questions. And if your in the Crafty Bear Weddings group don’t forget to share your board on the post in the announcements so that I can tailor tutorials to suit your themes.

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