Wedding Creation


You’re engaged. You’re excited.

You’re dreaming of fun filled evenings and weekends creating beautiful pieces for your big day.

Or at least you were. But then you got overwhelmed by all the lovely things on Pinterest. Frazzled by the groups and forums full of brides doing all the things.

Maybe your confidence has been knocked by family, friends, or even your partner, telling you you should leave it to the professionals?

What if your crafting skills aren’t up to the job?

I’m here to help!  Making items for your wedding, whether you actually make them yourself or work closely with suppliers to design bespoke pieces, is a great way to make sure your big day is really personal to you and your husband /wife.  And it shouldn’t be stressful or scary.  It should be fun.  Lots of fun!

I offer loads of support. I know couples often DIY to help keep costs down too, so lots  of my support is free over in my facebook group ,and the rest is designed to suite all budgets.

  • Help to decide what to make yourself and what to work with suppliers on.
  • Tips on planning your time.
  • Online craft tutorials.
  • Individual support – offered remotely or face-to-face
  • Craft Retreats

Wedding Creation Support

Facebook Group

Come and share your vision boards, tell us what your making, asking for advice and share your advice with other couples.

I’m always in the group to offer as much advice and support as I can alongside the tutorials in the units.


Individual Support

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the vision in your head into reality. 

Maybe you know just what you want your hair accessories to look like but your not sure how to make them?

Maybe you’ve made your centre pieces but you feel like there is something missing?

There are lots of ways I can help.  Pop me a message via the button below, let me know what you’re struggling with and I’ll let you know how best I can support you.


Craft Retreats

A weekend away somewhere with space, time, resources and support for you to design and create pieces for your wedding. 

No clearing the table because dinner is ready!  You can make as much mess as you want and not worry about it.

There will be lots of tea and cake, probably some fizz, tools and equipment you may not have at home and lots of support.

Click on the link to join the waiting list and be the first to find out when and where the first retreat is taking place.  


Details coming soon