Wedding Planning

By creating a clear vision and a plan of action you can be confident that you are creating the wedding of your dreams on a budget you can afford. 


YOUR wedding YOUR way. 


There are several ways I can help you achieve this – scroll down to find out more. 


Planning your wedding should be as exciting (well almost as exciting) as the big day itself. 

It shouldn’t lead to sleepless nights as you lie awake worrying about decisions that you need to make. 

You shouldn’t be so anxious over whether your theme will work that you’re not eating.

And you definitely shouldn’t be arguing with your future husband or wife over what should be one of the best days of your life.

But where do you start?

How do you make sure you create a day that really reflects the 2 of you as a couple?

A day that gives you all the feels rather than a day that looks how you think it should?

A day that is based on your desires and dreams not on other people’s expectations of a wedding?

A day that looks and feels amazing but that you can afford?

Let me support you to remove the overwhelm and create the memorable day that you desire without getting lost in the details. Without fretting that everything is done.  Without panicking that your ideas will work. 

Grab your FREE guide to get you started thinking about what YOU want YOUR dream day to look and feel like. 

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My signature programme providing support in developing your ideas and focussing your vision and then making it all happen.

Check Points

Support at any point to help you focus your ideas.

Maybe you’ve had to change date or venue and need to make what your plans work.
Maybe you feel you’ve lost focus and need help getting back on track.

Message me for an informal chat and I’ll suggest how best I can help.  Most Check Points costs just £55.

Free Facebook Group

Get access to my brain (you’ve been warned) and chat to other couples as they plan their big day.

Share your vision boards, ask for ideas, share crafting tips, access tutorials – its all in there. And it’s all for free.